A theoretical introduction to Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) for beginners

We’ll split the introduction to UMLS into two parts: theoretical and technical. This blog will cover the theoretical aspect explaining the theory behind UMLS while the next blog will cover technical aspects of UMLS assuming that you have a running instance of the database. Feel free to read through one or both of the blogs, depending on your requirements.

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Predicting the products of a chemical reaction using graph-convolutional neural network (Part 1)

Reactant A and B reacts to form the products C and D. The chances are that you have encountered this type of chemical reaction in your school days. While on paper they may seem as simple as drawing a bunch of arrows, in the real world, even the simplest of those reactions, takes a long time, money, and resources to formulate. The reaction time can vary from the order of seconds to the order of months.

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