A theoretical introduction to Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) for beginners

Let’s try to get a brief overview of what UMLS is, and then we’ll jump into more details. So, in simple terms, UMLS is a collection of many controlled biomedical vocabularies to provide cross-walk among them and to enable interaction between computer systems. To simplify it further, there are multiple biomedical vocabularies out there developed by different organizations. Each of them has come up with their own set of IDs assigned to each term. UMLS helps in mapping each of them to one common ID.

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Predicting the products of a chemical reaction using graph-convolutional neural network (Part 1)

Reactant A and B reacts to form the products C and D. The chances are that you have encountered this type of chemical reaction in your school days. While on paper they may seem as simple as drawing a bunch of arrows, in the real world, even the simplest of those reactions, takes a long time, money, and resources to formulate. The reaction time can vary from the order of seconds to the order of months.

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