COVID-19 Research Browser

The coronavirus pandemic has caused enormous health, economic, environmental, and social challenges to the entire human population. The entire research community has worked tirelessly for a vaccine but could we help speeding up these efforts even more?

Kinesin-Walking © John Liebler

COVID-19 research browser is aimed to help researchers navigate this fast-growing body of coronavirus literature to efficiently find relevant and up-to-date information. It's a search tool that can search among thousands of publications, authors, journals and show the relevant research.

See this project in action here.

I also setup a similar pipeline for Rare Diseases and Cancer. See them in action here and here, respectively.

I also worked on another version of this project where the research papers were not limited to COVID-19. This search engine included over 48 million papers, nearly 68 million authors, and over 50 thousand journals and yet the results could be fetched in less than a second. Another version included over 208 million papers, nearly 253 million authors and over 60 thousand journals, basically covering almost every paper written since the year 1800.

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